Bean Sprout Chicken Rice @ Lou Wong, Ipoh


I think all the Perakians are gonna shoot me for saying this but in my personal opinion, the chicken rice at Lou Wong is over-rated.

Amanda warned me that most locals go to Onn Kei on the opposite side of the road, but alas, we were pulled in by the overwhelming crowd at Lou Wong. People were waiting around for tables! Despite the chaos, the service was really good, prompt and efficient, with smiling faces. I guess this is organised chaos in motion.

Overall, the star dish of the evening was a tad bit too oily for us eventhough the texture of the chicken meat was a little dry. The bean sprouts were really good, probably the best I've ever tasted since I'm not really a  big fan of bean sprouts. These were fresh and crunchy with just the right amount of simple seasoning. Meat balls were superb. I could have more if it wasn't for mom who stopped me from ordering.  I was a little disappointed with the chilli tho'. Chopped cili padi with soy sauce just didn't sit right with chicken rice dishes.

Price is pretty reasonable. For two persons, the bill came up to RM17.90. Any other recommendations beside Lou Wong or Onn Kei in Ipoh?



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